Oh Pest No was founded for homeowners by homeowners and pest professionals.

After spending years charging professional prices, offering professional services, one thing became clear. People are looking for ways to save money! With our savings on overhead, combined with your desire to DIY, If you can mow your own lawn, you can spray for your own pests and do so without professional pricing. Think about it, when the pests come, do you really want to go through the hassle
of calling on and waiting for a company to come out only to charge $200,$300,$500+? Arm yourself with our system, not only will you be ready to apply when the pests come, you will be more effective because you will apply when the pests first come. You will know when to apply, because your next shipment will be at your door for as low as $49.99* per treatment!

Join many other homeowners who are making the switch today and realizing significant savings. Switch now and save as much as 90% on your pest control.